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Russian as a second language is a project that will help you to learn Russian language if you are a foreigner. It is easy, interesting and clear explained.

These videos are free, helpful and they are part of our free, ten lessons at http://russianasl.com/lessons/

Also, at http://russianasl.com/lessons/ you can find a lot of information about Russian grammar, dialogues with useful and daily vicabulary and reading club, where it’s possible to read and to listen to Russian language.

Our project is developing all the time and you’re welcome to write us your recomendations, as we’d like to help you in reaching your goals in studying Russian language.

Come to our skype lessons with native speakers who will teach you Russian and provide you with the neccesary knowledge for you to speak, read, and understand Russian http://russianasl.com/category/skype-lessons/


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